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How to fix ‘This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection’ in Windows 10

  If you’re seeing the message ‘This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection’, it means you are trying to do something Windows doesn’t want you to do. The message is part of SmartScreen, a feature of User Account Control (UAC) within Windows 10. It is an essential protection designed to keep core Windows files […]

Having trouble connecting to the internet? Want to know how to troubleshoot a slow connection? Both today and tomorrow, we are going to outline five home network troubleshooting tools every computer enthusiast should know how to use. They will help you diagnose a network issue quickly and efficiently and get you connected in no time! […]

The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error is a blue screen error that is caused by Windows not being able to find a piece of data it expected to find. It can indicate a memory error, physical memory issues, a driver error or Windows swap file issue. All but one of those is fixable without needing to buy new […]

There is nothing worse than rebooting your computer or starting it up and seeing an ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error. It’s something most Windows users will have come across at some point or other and sounds serious. Potentially it is, but equally likely is that it’s an easy fix or may need computer repair. When you […]

Even though the Windows 10 Firewall is better than ever, it is still difficult to recommend it as your only internet defense. That’s why we always recommend using a third party firewall. There are a number of options, both free and premium and it’s a good idea to use one of these instead. If you’re […]