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Computer Repair

How to restore Windows 10 to recover data or settings

One neat thing about Windows 10 is the ability to tweak and customize it to fit your personality and needs. One bad thing about Windows 10 is the ability to tweak and customize it to fir your personality and needs. On one hand customization is a good thing and on the other hand it isn’t. … Read more

How to replace your laptop screen

There is nothing worse than seeing a deep scratch or crack in the screen of your beloved laptop. It isn’t like a desktop where you can buy a monitor separately and be done with it. The screen is an integral part of a laptop and cannot be easily changed. Or can it? Laptop repair isn’t … Read more

6 Common Misconceptions About Computer Repair

Venturing out to a computer repair store can be scary when you haven’t had to do it before. The terminology may be all new to you, and some may worry they will get scammed by a tech who just wants to make money. The problem isn’t so much that the general public doesn’t understand the … Read more

How to fix Windows 10 error 0xc004f014

Windows 10 error 0xc004f014 is an activation error that was very common during the early days of the operating system. Even now, the error still appears occasionally. If you’re upgrading a computer to Windows 10 and see error 0xc004f014, here is how to fix it. The error is linked to the Microsoft Key Management Service … Read more

How to fix Runtime Broker High CPU usage in Windows 10

Before Windows 10 came along, Dave’s Computers was awash with customers experiencing Runtime Broker High CPU issues with Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It seemed to follow Windows throughout its development but finally seems under control in Windows 10. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening because it is. We saw … Read more

How to protect your WiFi network from ‘KRACK’ attacks

Last week saw the revelation that our WiFi networks aren’t quite as safe as we thought they were. What is now known as a KRACK attack (Key Reinstallation AttaCK), was revealed last week and has gained quite a lot of attention. So what is a KRACK attack and what can we do to protect ourselves … Read more

Change the lock screen background in Windows 10

If you share your computer or use Windows 10 at work, customizing the lock screen is one way of personalizing your desktop. As long as you have permission, you can change the lock screen background in Windows 10 to anything you want. It’s a small thing but can make a big difference if you leave … Read more