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Computer Support

Does dust really hurt your computer?

We had a customer in our New Jersey computer repair store today who was asking about how dust and dirt affects a computer. It was something that has come up more than a few times so I thought it prime time to write a post about it. One of the services we offer here at … Read more

How to test the health of your computer RAM

Few things influence how fast or stable a computer is than the RAM. It’s a pivotal component of any computer and it has to be running perfectly for your computer to work properly. Today I’m going to show you how to check the health of your computer RAM. The guys here at Dave’s Computers in … Read more

Be aware of cold calls offering Windows or computer support

Christmas is my favorite time of year but it is also when the scammers and fraudsters come out to play. I have heard of a couple of people who received cold calls supposedly from a computer repair outfit and even pretending to be Microsoft offering to fix issues with the person’s computer. One type of … Read more

Why an SSD is the best upgrade you can buy right now

If you’re looking for a low cost upgrade for your computer, you cannot get more performance for so little than with an SSD (Solid State Drive). As long as your computer has the connections to use one, an SSD can offer a significant performance upgrade without breaking the bank. It’s pretty easy to fit one … Read more

Ten signs your computer may be infected with malware

We see a lot of computers infected with malware here at Dave’s Computers. Our New Jersey computer store is often visited by people who think they have taken every precaution and yet still fall foul of this virulent annoyance. If you think you may have malware on your computer, visit our store and we can … Read more